Titel: Standing of Private Parties to Challenge European Union Law

Autor: Cecilia Sjöstrand, Kathrin Polley* 


Beitragstyp: Aufsatz 

Fundstelle: GreifRecht 2011, 94−103



Private applicants challenging European Union Law was and will always be a key issue when it comes to the relationship between the Union and its citizens. Thus the protection of the individual’s rights to judicial review of European acts holds a prominent position to ensure that the EU works sufficiently and effectively for every European citizen. The main way to achieve this goal is the authorisation of direct access to the European Court of Justice for the individual. Therefore, this paper aims to examine the ways of access to the Court of Justice for individuals and the general principles justifying the rights of the individual. Furthermore, it will analyse the handling of cases regarding legal certainty and how legal certainty is one of the most important rights for a private applicant.


 * Cecilia Sjöstrand, after graduating from Lund University, Sweden, in June 2011 with a specialization in European Law, is now working within her legal clerkship program at the Förvaltningsrätten in Linköping, Sweden.

Kathrin Polley studies law at Freiburg University (formally at Greifswald University) and is specialized in European, International and Foreign Law. She studied one year at Lund University, Sweden, as an exchange student.

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