Titel: Towards An International Piracy Court?

Autor: Juliane Rehberg* 


Beitragstyp: Aufsatz 

Fundstelle: GreifRecht 2011, 7−15 



What to do with apprehended pirates has become the central question of the current anti-piracy campaign which came up following recent pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia. While the enforcement of piracy law has been significantly strengthened by the United Nations Security Council in response to the criminal offences, a comprehensive international legal response on how to prosecute pirates is still lacking. This article gives an overview of the international law dealing with piracy including the currently ineffective regime design of law enforcement and adjudication. It uses legal arguments related to customary as well as codified international piracy law to show why an international adjudicative jurisdiction over piracy is an attractive alternative to traditional mechanisms. The article also aims to discuss the pros and cons regarding the likelihood of the different options at hand for an international piracy court to develop.


 * The author graduated at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany as part of the Master of Public Policy Class of 2010.

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